Fairchild’s Power Seminars Focus on Technologies and Techniques, Not Products

You know how it goes…you sign up for a seminar thinking you are going to get valuable information that will help you build better products faster, and instead you get a day-long sales pitch.


Well, Fairchild’s Power Seminar Series is not your average seminar. Focused o[......]

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Driving High-Brightness LEDs in High-Power Industrial Lighting Fixtures

By: Steve Mappus

As seen in Design News, 4/21/14 (www.designnews.com)

High-power industrial Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures use series-parallel strings of High Brightness (HB) LEDs to produce superior lighting fixtures compared to traditional, “ballast-based” systems. HB-LEDs are configure[......]

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Advanced design topics for off-line flyback power supplies – Part 1 By Jason Guo

As seen in Power Systems Design, 4/4/14

The flyback is the simplest and most commonly used isolated power-converter topology, able to step voltage up or down while providing galvanic isolation from the ac mains in off-line applications.  It is the most cost-effective topology for powering many ki[......]

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