Advanced design for off-line flyback power supplies – Part II

As seen in Power Systems Design, 6/2014

Conventional secondary-side regulation is the subject of this paper, but primary-side regulation (PSR) is a lower-cost option offered in PSW for output power up to 30W. In this scheme there is no output-voltage sensing or control circuitry on the secondary[......]

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Introduction of New Generation Field-stop Shorted Anode IGBT

Anode IGBT_Fig.1

With the rapid progress in power electronics and semiconductors, each power electronics application has required dedicated and specialized semiconductor switching devices from a cost and performance standpoint. The field-stop (FS) IGBT provides lower saturation voltage drop and lower switching losse[......]

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New 650V Field-Stop IGBT, Enables Higher Efficiency and Reliability for Induction Heating Application.


Major efforts are underway by induction-cooktop manufacturers to increase the max power and reduce cooking time, while also achieving high system efficiency to meet stringent Energy Star standards.

These trends create new requirements for selecting the appropriate IGBTs which are critical power s[......]

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