Fairchild “Power-In-Motion” at PCIM Europe 2015

PCIM Europe 1

Well over 200 designers, customers, partners and trade press editors stopped by the Fairchild booth during PCIM Europe 2015, held May 19 – 21. PCIM, short for Power Control and Intelligent Motion, is one of the world’s foremost power electronics conferences held every year, making it an ideal venue[……]

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Estimating Junction Temperature for the SPM 7 Module

FIg. 1 Package Outline Structure

Fairchild’s Motion SPM® Smart Power Modules integrate drive and protection circuitry for all sorts of industrial motion and motor control applications into a single package.

We recently introduce the SPM 7 Module for compact motor control applications of up to 50W. Seldom do these applications ha[……]

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Navigating DCR Currents

Dr. Fred

Salutations to the eminent Doctor Fred A. Engleberry. One hopes this note finds you well. My power expertise is lackluster, I am ashamed to confess. I call upon your good nature for assistance.

I was looking at a current-sensing design with the extraordinary claim of being “lossless” (see the sch[……]

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