Paving New Paths with Current Mode Control


By Hangseok Choi, Application Engineer, Offline Power Supply Group

Unlike the conventional pulse-width modulation (PWM) technique in which power is processed by controlling the duty cycle and interrupting the power flow in the converter circuit, resonant switching processes power in a sinusoidal[……]

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Field Stop 3 Trench IGBT WDF Series for Inverter Welding Machines

IGBT trend technology

By Wonhwa Lee, senior technical marketer and Sungnam Kim, senior application engineer

Due to high energy consumption, size, and weight, traditional AC welding and cutting equipment was listed on the elimination catalog (1st batch) of High Energy-consuming Backward Electromechanical Equipment by t[……]

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Fairchild Is Your One-Stop Automotive Shop


By Llewellyn Vaughan-Edmunds, Senior Manager, Strategic & Product Marketing

Tighter CO2 emissions regulations have been enacted worldwide and automotive designers are looking to vehicle electrification to lower overall carbon footprints. Various approaches such as converting mechanically driv[……]

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