When AC-DC Buck Converters Can Achieve Up to 9W – New Design Thinking and Application Example

Fig 1

By Jaekuk Ryu

Product Line Manager for Aux Power at Fairchild

Drawback in Isolated Flyback Converter

Isolated flyback has been one of the best topology options in AC DC step-down converter in terms of cost, efficiency and regulation accuracy.

However, bulky transformer and voltage suppre[……]

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Fairchild Receives 2014 Core Partner Award from Huawei

2014 Huawei Core Partner Award

By Jerry Xiao
I’m honored to announce that Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd awarded Fairchild with their “2014 Core Partner Award” on Nov. 5, 2014 at the annual Huawei Core Partner Convention in Shenzhen, China.
This year was the first time Fairchild was invited to the Convention and the award marks a[……]

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Mountain Top Completes Project to Reduce Water Consumption while Reusing 100% of Rejected Water


By Steven Willison

Mountain Top, the longest continually operating semiconductor manufacturing facility in the world, just completed a project to reduce water usage, and reuse nearly 100% of all rejected water using the Ultrapure Water (UPW) generation processes. In a project led by facilities en[……]

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