Improve your system efficiency and reliability with 650V SuperFET® II FRFET® MOSFET

Figure 1

With many government regulations  encouraging energy savings around the world, most industry experts agree that new technology advances in power MOSFETs  play a critical role in providing these benefits to power conversion applications. Higher power density, system efficiency and reliability are alw[......]

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Protecting against reverse polarity: Methods examined, Part 2

Figure 8. The Series MOSFET Method

Method 6: Schottky to Ground

The Schottky to Ground method is nearly identical to the Diode to Ground method described above. It requires that the potential source of reverse polarity be well understood, and that the Schottky be sized accordingly.

Compared to the Diode to Ground method, the Sc[......]

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Fairchild Employees Help Bay Area Students Get Back to School!—-400 Backpacks with School Supplies go Toward the Back to School drive

While summer is unofficially over and school is back in session, hundreds of Bay Area kids in need started their first day of class with smiles on their faces thanks to brand new backpacks full of school supplies. Fairchild San Jose was proud to help bring on these smiles by partnering with the Fami[......]

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