Designing the Resistor-Capacitor-Diode (RCD) Snubber of a Flyback Converter

snubber of flyback fig 1

Consisting of very few components, Flyback circuitry is one of the simplest topologies. It is a very popular choice for low- and medium-power applications such as battery chargers, adapters, DVD players and LED drivers. However, regardless of its circuit simplicity, the design of a reliable Flyback[......]

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Separate Pain from Gain: How to Select Power Discretes

With so many power discretes to choose from, how can you be sure you’re using the right one? The following suggestions can help you realize the “gain” of truly energy-efficient choices without enduring the “pain” of comparing performance claims.

Understand Your Market

Different regions have di[......]

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Resistor-Capacitor (RC) Snubber Design for Power Switches

Power Switches Formula4

The Power Switches are the heart of every power converter. Their operation will directly determine the reliability and efficiency of the product. To enhance the performance of the switching circuit of power converters, snubbers are placed across the power switches to suppress voltage spikes and damp[......]

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