Fairchild Staff Volunteered in Bucheon to Provide Warmth and Support to the Local Commnity



Staff from different departments of Fairchild Bucheon participated in volunteer work at Dodang Mountain that is located just next to Fairchild’s Bucheon fabrication plant.

They helped to clean up the area to prevent pollution to the local environment and helped to serve free meals for t[......]

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Consider 2nd Stage LC Filter in Flyback Converter to Significantly Reduce Output Voltage Ripple


The Flyback topology is a popular topology in off-line charger applications due to its capability to handle wide input voltage range. And multiple outputs are easily generated by using extra windings on the main transformer. Figure.1 illustrates the Flyback converter with multiple outputs.

AEP3629_Fig1Fig.1 Fl[......]

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Improve your system efficiency and reliability with 650V SuperFET® II FRFET® MOSFET

Figure 1

With many government regulations  encouraging energy savings around the world, most industry experts agree that new technology advances in power MOSFETs  play a critical role in providing these benefits to power conversion applications. Higher power density, system efficiency and reliability are alw[......]

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