Navigating DCR Currents

Dr. Fred

Salutations to the eminent Doctor Fred A. Engleberry. One hopes this note finds you well. My power expertise is lackluster, I am ashamed to confess. I call upon your good nature for assistance.

I was looking at a current-sensing design with the extraordinary claim of being “lossless” (see the sch[……]

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Fairchild, ‘Power Driven’ at APEC 2015


Hundreds of attendees to this year’s Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) passed through the Fairchild booth to see our experts demonstrating solutions for Motor Control, Solar Power, Motion Tracking, Cloud Power, Automotive, LED Lighting, and Wall-to-Battery featuring the FAN501 PWM Controll[……]

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Solutions for Today’s Low Power LED Lighting Trends-Part V

Fig. 1. Example PAR Lamp Dimensions (L: 95mm, D: 92mm, B: 26mm)

PAR16, 20, 30, 38 Lamp LED Driver Design

This is the fifth and final installment of our series on LED lighting trends. Here we’ll talk about PAR16,20,30,38 lamps. These lamp types are AC voltage input, power rating between 4W~20W, socket is screw type E26/27 or 2 pin type GU10, as shown in Fig. 1.[……]

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