Dual Cool 88 Gets You Out of the Stone Age

Dual Cool 88 blog

By Mike Speed, Director, Product Marketing, LV/MV FET’s

Fairchild’s Dual Cool™ 88 package gives engineers a first of its kind alternative to the D2PAK and TO-220 packages they’ve been using to mount discreet, 10mm X 15mm, semiconductors onto PCBs for the last 30 years, not quite the stone age in[……]

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Fairchild’s USB Type-C Portfolio is All About Flexibility, Small Size and Low Power

USB Type-C PR Photo

Gadget geek or otherwise, you’re probably beginning to hear more about the USB Type-C™ standard, the next generation in the specification for Universal Serial Bus connectors, ports and cables. With this new specification, USB connectors are going to be even easier to use, support higher-power chargi[……]

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Say No to Popcorn with Power88 Package’s Best-in-Class Moisture Sensitivity

no popcorn

PQFN (Power Quad Flat No-Lead ) packages are widely used for low-voltage applications because their low-profile and small footprint – typically measuring 3x3mm or 5x6mm as is the case with Fairchild’s Power33 and Power56 packages – give designers a space-savings alternative to lead-based packages.[……]

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