Dance, dance, baby… solving sensor confusion on Android


Game Oven the developer of the popular “social dancing” app “BoundenBoundendiscovered how hard it can be to port an application from iOS operating system to Android operating system. While iOS operating system takes the complexity out of fusing accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data into usable i[......]

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Article published in EDN By Steve Taranovich on July 21 2014 : Fairchild acquisition of Xsens

Learning of the Xsens acquisition significantly reinforces my faith in Fairchild’s MEMS and sensor offerings and is in tune with what they have been promising. This is a really powerful step for the company transformation and a chance to restore the Fairchild brand to its former excellence in the el[......]

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Designing the Resistor-Capacitor-Diode (RCD) Snubber of a Flyback Converter

snubber of flyback fig 1

Consisting of very few components, Flyback circuitry is one of the simplest topologies. It is a very popular choice for low- and medium-power applications such as battery chargers, adapters, DVD players and LED drivers. However, regardless of its circuit simplicity, the design of a reliable Flyback[......]

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