Big Time Power Savings for Motion Tracking

Figure 1

Fairchild kicked off its first MEMS product offering today with the introduction of the FIS1100, a highly accurate system solution for motion tracking that can give designers a huge, 10X savings in processor power consumption. For the battery-operated applications that the FIS1100 was designed for -[……]

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Why Power Supply WebDesigner?

Power Designer 1

Fairchild just released its Power Supply WebDesigner TM, a suite of time-saving tools for designing and optimizing power supplies. What could take days using conventional methods will take only minutes with Power Supply WebDesigner’s Auto Complete feature. Designers can also easily optimize a design[……]

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Fairchild “Power-In-Motion” at PCIM Europe 2015

PCIM Europe 1

Well over 200 designers, customers, partners and trade press editors stopped by the Fairchild booth during PCIM Europe 2015, held May 19 – 21. PCIM, short for Power Control and Intelligent Motion, is one of the world’s foremost power electronics conferences held every year, making it an ideal venue[……]

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