Advanced design topics for off-line flyback power supplies – Part 1 By Jason Guo

As seen in Power Systems Design, 4/4/14

The flyback is the simplest and most commonly used isolated power-converter topology, able to step voltage up or down while providing galvanic isolation from the ac mains in off-line applications.  It is the most cost-effective topology for powering many ki[......]

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Fairchild’s Power Seminars Put the Focus on Engineering Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest technical information on new, advanced power supply concepts, then you need to be at Fairchild’s Power Seminar series as it swings through North America and Asia in May and June. (For dates and locations near you, click here.)

One of the main topics i[......]

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Need to Minimize Your System Size and Maximize Your System Efficiency? Consider a New Leadless Slim Package – Power88

AEP3221 Need to Minimize your system size and Maximize your system efficiency Figure 1

Delivering the energy to each sever and telecom systems uses power and generates heat, which requires additional energy in cooling system. Every watt consumed by server and telecom equipments generally waste at least another watt through cooling, power backup, and power delivery. Therefore, a major[......]

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