At the GSA Executive Forum in Munich, Germany, Fairchild’s senior leadership team formally announced our entry into the 3D motion device market with the acquisition of Netherlands-based Xsens, a leading global supplier of 3D motion tracking products for the industrial, health, fitness and entertainment markets.

Under the theme, “It Just Makes Sense,” Fairchild CEO Mark Thompson kicked off the presentation by highlighting the company’s mission, the reason motion tracking was an ideal market for Fairchild, and why the addition of Xsens made sense for Fairchild as well as Xsens.


Fairchild’s CEO Mark Thompson Discusses The Xsens Acquisition

Mark was followed by Casper Peeters (CEO of Xsens), who provided the audience with more information on Xsens’ capabilities and the reasons why it was a good fit for both companies. When asked why it made sense for Xsens to join Fairchild, Peeters said: “Xsens has thesensorand software skills. We make systems. Fairchild has the low-power MEMS capability. Both companies share a common vision and our teams are already working together to develop new products which combine Fairchild’s low power MEMS technology and our sensor fusion expertise.”


Casper Peeters, Xsens CEO, Discusses Xsens’ Technology

Vijay Ullal, President and COO of Fairchild, gave an in-depth presentation focusing on the strategic rationale behind the decision to enter the motion tracking market and the acquisition of Xsens. He talked at length on how the mission of Fairchild and motion tracking and power are so intertwined.


The Fairchild Mission

“We believe that you can make the most efficient use of energy if you have a smarter plan. And so, we believe that these things put together really come together in our decision to make this acquisition of Xsens.”

“What’s missing between what we have today in terms of technology and what we will have tomorrow is the ability to sense. – the ability for machines to sense the environment, to sense each other, to sense human beings. And when they do that, you get true intelligence, or true smarts. And we believe that this combination of Xsens and Fairchild will allow us to be the leaders in this revolution in technology.

“By adding Xsens’ capabilities we can supply our customers with sensor-focused solutions for a variety of end markets, including both traditional industrial and mobile markets, as well as emerging markets such as smart interconnected devices (the Internet of Things), wearables and more.

Vijay went on to make it clear that Fairchild is not primarily targeting the high-volume, low-cost markets. “We are being very thoughtful and methodical in how we’re going after this market. We want to focus on the high end of this market.”


Fairchild’s COO Vijay Ullal Discusses Fairchild’s Mission, Xsens and the Motion Tracking Market

Following the presentation, Vijay made the move official with a formal announcement delivered to over 250 key executives at the GSA Executive Forum.

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