You know how it goes…you sign up for a seminar thinking you are going to get valuable information that will help you build better products faster, and instead you get a day-long sales pitch.


Well, Fairchild’s Power Seminar Series is not your average seminar. Focused on you, your needs and the latest technology, this seminar provides information that can help you succeed starting the minute you walk out of the event. And the topics aren’t your typical, 10,000 foot views of a specific challenge.

For example, here is one of the topics in this year’s Power Seminar Series – Design Issues of LLC Resonant Converter and their Solutions. Not your typical fodder…

In this seminar, the discussion focuses on the LLC resonant converter, which has drawn a lot of attention due to its advantages over the conventional series resonant converter and parallel resonant converter: narrow frequency variation over wide load variation and Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) of the switches for entire load range. However, there still remain several technical issues that make the design and optimization complicated, which prevents wider adoption of this topology in various application. This session highlights critical design issues of the LLC resonant converter and discusses potential solutions to solve these design issues.

So, if you’re tired of the same-old same-old seminars that you have to pay for, and you’re looking for the latest and greatest technical information on new, advanced power supply concepts, then you need to be at Fairchild’s Power Seminar series as it swings through North America and Asia in May and June. (For dates and locations near you, click here.)

Space is limited at each session, so don’t wait, sign up now for this free, one-day seminar which includes a tutorial review of basic design principles and “hands-on,” real-world application examples.