Ever sit in a seminar and go – Whoa! Where did the day go? That’s the feeling you’ll have after the jam-packed one-day seminar that is the Fairchild Power Seminar Series.

That’s because when we put this series together, we thought as engineers, and put in all the things we’d like to see. Like hands-on, real-world applications. Like presentations packed with technical and practical information. And, oh ya, no sales pitch.

The full day event includes five in-depth topics, including: An Alternative Approach to Flyback Design.

This session discusses how capable design software enables an engineer to optimize a circuit by comparing the performance of many different design alternatives in a short time. A flyback converter is used as an example to illustrate how control response can be improved through rapid iteration, examining the loop gain that results from component-value changes much faster than is possible by most other design methods. The starting point is a single-output off-line flyback converter designed automatically by Fairchild’s on-line design tool “Power Supply WebDesigner” (PSW) to meet a given specification. Control-loop compensation is explained briefly, then a sequence of design changes is made to improve efficiency and achieve the desired control response.

To avoid the humdrum seminars, and get in-depth theory with practical discussion, you need to attend the Fairchild Power Seminar Series. Register to attend a session near in North America and Asia this May and June. (For dates and locations near you, click here.)

Space is limited at each session, so don’t wait, sign up now for this free, one-day seminar which includes a tutorial review of basic design principles and “hands-on,” real-world application examples.