Who wants to sit in a seminar and take notes while somebody drones on and on about some topic or another? No one, that’s who.

If you attend Fairchild’s Power Seminars, you can bet that won’t be the case. During these seminars, Fairchild experts focus on “hands-on,” real-world applications. Real-world applications like smart power stage multi-chip modules designed for low-voltage DC-DC converters.

This seminar discusses the advantages of co-packaging two power MOSFET die, along with a gate driver IC die, to form a low-voltage, high-current (60 A) Multi-Chip Module (MCM) synchronous buck power stage. It also provides a brief overview of the low-voltage (< 30 V) MCM evolution, along with a discussion on why further advancements in packaging technologies are required to improve performance. Dedicated sections cover: package optimization, MOSFET optimization, and matching and optimizing the gate driver to the power MOSFETs. Subsections cover: controlling overshoots and ringing, dead-time optimization, on-chip zero-cross detect circuitry for accurate diode emulation, incorporating module fault features, and incorporating advanced features such as accurate temperature sensing.

So, if you are looking for a kicked-back kinda session where you can relax and enjoy a day out of the office, the Fairchild Power Seminar Series is NOT for you. But, if you’re looking for the latest in power supply designs, focused on hands-on, real-world applications, then Fairchild’s Power Seminars is a MUST attend event! Register to attend a session near in North America and Asia this May and June. (For dates and locations near you, click here.)

Space is limited, so don’t wait, sign up now for this free, one-day seminar which includes a tutorial review of basic design principles and “hands-on,” real-world application examples.