If you’re looking for the latest and greatest technical information on new, advanced power supply concepts, then you need to be at Fairchild’s Power Seminar series as it swings through North America and Asia in May and June. (For dates and locations near you, click here.)

One of the main topics is Current Shaping Strategies for Buck Power Factor Correction. In this session, two possible control techniques for a buck PFC converter are proposed, where the input current is indirectly shaped by shaping the inductor current.

A thorough analysis on the harmonic content of the AC line current is presented for each control technique to examine the allowable voltage gain (K value) for meeting EN61000-3-2, Class C and D. Results of the harmonic analysis are used to derive the required value of K and therefore VOUT necessary to meet Class C and D requirements from a given AC line voltage. The goal of designing a buck PFC for highest efficiency, while passing EN61000-3-2, Class D is verified with a 300 W dual interleaved boundary conduction mode buck PFC converter.

Space is limited at each session, so don’t wait, sign up now for this free, one-day seminar which includes a tutorial review of basic design principles and “hands-on,” real-world application examples.