Welding technology for metal connecting and cutting has been more widely used with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry. About 60-70% of the steel in the world needs to be welded and electric arc welding machines are used for over 80% of all welding operations.

The power supply in an electric arc welding machine is required to control the load current and voltage in a wide range. In general, modern DC arc welding machines are inverter-based and utilize a switch mode DC/DC power supply, which outputs high DC current and low DC voltage. The power ratings start at kilowatts and can reach several tens of kilowatts for a portable inverter welding machine. In most applications, the full bridge and two switch forward topology are used.

Using novel field stop IGBT technology, Fairchild’s Field Stop 3 Trench IGBT WDF Series (FGA6560WDF, FGA6540WDF and FGA6530WDF) offers optimum performance with low conduction and switching losses, enabling manufacturers to build more reliable inverter welding machines with high system efficiency.

This WDF IGBT series operates approximately 15 percent cooler than some competitive solutions and are also more efficient with approximately 20 percent lower switching power dissipation.

The graph below shows the thermal performance and power loss analysis of FGA6540WDF and FGA6560WDF in actual single-phase inverter welding machines.

600V 40A IGBTs


600V 60A IGBTs


Inverter welding machines are getting smaller and lighter by increasing the operating frequency. As a result, Fairchild has developed IGBTs with higher robustness and reliability for welding machines.

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