Tighter CO2 emissions regulations have been enacted worldwide and automotive designers are looking to vehicle electrification to lower overall carbon footprints. Various approaches such as converting mechanically driven sub-systems, improving ignition and injection performance, and replacing the complete drivetrain enable further emission level reductions.

With reports predicting that the number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road will reach the 10,000,000 range in 2020, manufacturers are under pressure more than ever to increase system efficiency while minimizing power losses and reducing system weight.

To meet these demands, Fairchild offers a one-stop shop with industry-leading IGBTs, MOSFETs, ignition IGBTs, injector drivers, gate drivers, and power modules for easier design and better system reliability. Fairchild’s legacy of more than 50 years as an automotive semiconductor supplier ensures that your designs have the highest standards of quality, reliability, and support.


All Fairchild automotive products are qualified according to the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) reliability test requirements (AEC-Q100, AEC-Q101), and where applicable, also to customer-specific reliability and parametric test requirements. Our AEC-Q solutions can be used to power a wide range of automotive applications, such as EV/HEV systems, electric A/C compressors, EPS, 48V starter generators, and ignition systems.

To learn more about how Fairchild powers the automotive industry and can simplify your design cycle, watch our automotive innovation video and visit our automotive landing page for more information and to get product details.


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