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For smart meters, appliances, and industrial power supply applications, a regulated low-power DC source is typically required to power the analog and/or digital control circuits of the system. A flyback converter is commonly used to convert AC input to DC output. However, when the AC input is fed from a three-phase or unstable single-phase AC source, large fluctuations in voltage magnitude are expected (e.g. from 45VAC to 460VAC). Such wide input voltage variations pose severe challenges to a flyback converter design in areas of reliability (over extended lifetime), efficiency, power density, and cost. Fairchild’s FSL4110, the industry’s highest breakdown voltage power switch in a single package, resolves these issues. Designing a wide input switching mode power supply can be complex, tedious, time-consuming, and prone to calculation errors. To help improve design effectiveness, Fairchild offers the Power Supply WebDesigner, a suite of time-saving tools to design and optimize your power supply, including the newly enhanced flyback tools.

Key FSL4110 benefits:

  • 1000V MOSFET breakdown voltage enables wide input design
  • Comprehensive protection features ensure high reliability
  • Advanced Soft Burst mode delivers low standby power operation
  • No bias winding option due to the built-in high-voltage regulator
  • Ultra-low operating current
  • Avalanche rugged internal SenseFET
  • Frequency modulation for attenuating EMI
  • Line compensation to facilitate wide input voltage operation

Complete a design in minutes with the Power Supply WebDesigner
With dozens of secondary side regulation (SSR) power switches with integrated MOSFETs, Fairchild’s SSR power switch portfolio ranges from 650V to 1000V MOSFET breakdown voltages for a wide range of applications. Manually selecting the right SSR power switch and calculating all component values can be frustrating and time consuming, especially when it involves the transformer design. Fairchild’s Power Supply WebDesigner tool provides a complete suite of flyback designs including the integrated power switch selection, build sheet ready transformer design, loss and stability analysis, and simulation covering steady-state, transient response, and loop-gain Bode plot. A prototype-ready BOM with links to popular distributors facilitates real-time parts ordering. The online simulation, in particular, helps a designer to verify corner case operation, and further fine-tune a design without having to build an expensive benchmark prototype. A complete report is delivered for completeness of documentation and peer review.

SSR design tool graphic

  First step of an SSR design in Power Supply WebDesigner

Power Supply WebDesigner is built on real world design knowledge to help an engineer to bridge all design/decision-making gaps and auto complete a design in minutes based on design specifications. The tool creates designs in two ways for both novice and experienced engineers. Enter basic system requirements and click Auto Complete to instantly create a design and deliver a complete schematic and BOM. You can also enter detailed system information and create a custom design in minutes. After fine-tuning your system requirements, click Next Step for step-by-step system refinements to optimize the design. The newly released SSR design tool covers more than 10 new SSR products, including the FSL4110, which is the highest voltage rating power switch to best address reliability, power density, and cost.

A FSL4110 design example for an E-meter application

For more details and to start your design, visit the Power Supply WebDesigner landing page.

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