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The end market sectors that use the latest semiconductor technologies are dynamic in every sense; growing in volume and complexity, broadening in number of applications, and needing reduced power consumption and size. More than any other industry, electronics, and specifically semiconductors, have advanced at a relentless pace for some years now. This has helped give us, as consumers, the products and convenient functionality we quickly come to take for granted before demanding even more!

Whether in cars, for passive and active safety or in-cabin convenience and entertainment, or wireless communications and the IoT to keep us connected with each other and in control of items that previously required us to be exactly where they are located, it continues to be an exciting and continually challenging time (in the most positive sense!) for the world’s leading companies in the semiconductor sector.

All of this makes having a sound customer focused strategy for growth crucially important. Being able to track segment trends accurately means that a semiconductor company can be working on next generation products now – staying ahead of the curve. Of course, once you’ve ascertained what the future requirements are likely to be, the information gathered is only useful to both the semiconductor manufacturer and your customers, if you are working together to develop relevant and exciting products in the right timeframe.

Sustained organic growth depends on meeting future demands better than the competition. Ensuring the business is best equipped to do this means investing in engineering talent, sound R&D programs, robust processes, and the very latest manufacturing tools and equipment. In addition, forward thinking semiconductor businesses should always be completely aware and ready to act on opportunities to broaden and deepen their portfolios and expertise, and enhance their value proposition through strategic acquisition.

With its acquisition of Fairchild, ON Semiconductor has addressed all of the areas described. Semiconductor technologies and devices can broadly be classified as either low, medium or high voltage. This latest acquisition sees ON Semiconductor’s specialization in low voltage areas logically and neatly complemented by Fairchild’s significant capabilities and experience in higher voltage parts.


Complementary technologies and expertise paired with expanded design, manufacturing and supply chain resources are the headline benefits of a successful strategic acquisition that can enhance the success of a customer focused strategy for growth in the dynamic and demanding markets that semiconductors support and drive.

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