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By Roy Mi, Member Technical Staff Applications Engineer

Staying up to date on the latest advances in semiconductor technology is one of the many challenges design engineers face every day. Additionally, it is very time consuming to explore design possibilities and learn how to use a product with extensive reference materials available such as block diagrams, application notes, and solution guides.

Fairchild’s Reference Design Adviser streamlines this process so your application-specific solution is now just a few clicks away. The Reference Design Adviser offers rich search functionality and direct access to a broad library of reference designs and evaluation boards. These design resources provide complete application solutions across power management, discrete semiconductor, analog signal and switch and optoelectronics products. Additionally, most designs are bench-verified by Fairchild’s power experts.

As shown in the following figure, the Adviser features three levels of search functionality to identify the right reference design or evaluation board:

  • Keyword search flexibility to search reference designs and evaluation boards
  • Filter by key attributes for power design specifications, end applications, and/or topologies
  • Parameter-based filters further refine search results

RDA screen cap

Figure1 Reference Design Adviser search parameters and filter options

The Reference Design Adviser enables you to fully utilize Fairchild’s reference design library containing hundreds of designs and evaluation boards for a wide variety of applications. Each design provides an application-specific solution with a schematic, BOM, and brief test results, while each evaluation board contains complementary supporting technical documentation including user guide, detailed test reports, PCB layout, and Gerber files. These design resources will help you evaluate and bring your design quickly to market while expanding your knowledge base.

The Reference Design Adviser leverages Fairchild experts’ vast experience and deep system and product knowledge, insights on analog design techniques and applications to provide engineers with time-saving solutions to jump-start their designs with specific examples of our high-performance products.

Click the Adviser to easily find a design that fits your design requirements today.

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