Fairchild was an early pioneer of trench MOSFETs in the 1990s. Since then, we have been perfecting MOSFET technology and manufacturing to develop a large portfolio of thousands of products for use in any application. Fairchild’s MOSFETs deliver best-in-class performance, improved FOM (figure of merit), and pin-to-pin compatibility for ease of use. Designers continue to choose our MOSFETs for high quality and reliability, design support, and consistent availability.

Advantages for your designs:

  • Power delivery solutions are part of Fairchild’s core business and we have continuously delivered leading power semiconductors for more than 50 years
  • Combined MOSFET and gate driver IP create application-optimized solutions that minimize both switching and conduction losses associated with the overall system
  • Mix and match MOSFET, controller, and PWM driver IP with advanced processing and packaging capabilities to provide optimized component choices
  • Fairchild FETs provide superior design reliability from reduced voltage spikes and overshoot, to lower junction capacitance and reverse recovery charge, to elimination of additional external components to keep systems up and running longer

Our latest 25V/30V technology is packaged in asymmetric dual, optimized for synchronous buck applications requiring external drivers. To complement this series, the Smart Power Stage  offers compact, integrated power stage solutions of driver plus high-performance PowerTrench® MOSFET delivering high efficiency and power density.

See the entire low-, mid-, and high-voltage portfolios at fairchildsemi.com/fets and find out why designers love Fairchild FETs.

Find out more about Fairchild’s MOSFET technologies:

Read app note AN-558 for an introduction to power MOSFETs and an overview of their applications.

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