Fairchild’s 650V Field Stop Trench IGBTs are at the heart of the latest generation of photovoltaic inverters from Growatt New Energy Technology, a top manufacturer of inverters for residential and commercial solar power applications. Growatt has been able to increase the power density of its new 5K-HF solar inverter 20 percent over the previous model thanks to Fairchild’s IGBTs.

“Our new generation solar inverter is the industry’s first to use Fairchild’s IGBT in a TO247 4L package,” said Woodey Wu, Director of Research and Development at Growatt. “The new technology of using IGBT wafer and 4L packaging techniques allows us to take full advantage of the IGBT’s characteristics by significantly increasing the switching frequency of the drive signal to get an excellent safe operating area, without a significant increase in the semiconductor’s power consumption. In addition, we can have smaller magnetic devices which significantly reduce system size and increase the performance versus price ratio.”

“Having an industry leader like Growatt use our 650V Field Stop Trench IGBTs for its super-efficient, next-generation photovoltaic inverter is a tremendous example of the performance and capabilities of our IGBTs,” said Fairchild’s High Power Industrial Business Unit Vice President Jin Zhao. “These IGBTs utilize Fairchild’s innovative field stop technology to deliver optimum performance for solar inverter, UPS, welder, telecom, ESS and PFC applications where low conduction and switching losses are essential.”

“Achieving higher efficiency and higher power density for our inverters have long been the goals of our development efforts at Growatt. The advances in semiconductor technology have greatly reduced the proportion of metal parts required in our inverters, which yields multiple advantages including smaller product size, lower weight, reduced cost, and easier transportation and storage. We will build on this success and continue using advanced technology in our photovoltaic inverter development to give customers more value and better efficiency and power density,” said David Ding, General Manager of Growatt. “We developed our new 5K-HF inverter with a higher switching frequency topology, a more optimized layout and new magnetic materials, resulting in industry-leading efficiency, with a more than 20 percent overall increase in power density. The new IGBT technology and packaging innovation of Fairchild’s 650V Field Stop Trench IGBT allows us to achieve all this.”

Visit the Fairchild website for more information about the FGH75T65SHDTL4 Field Stop Trench IGBTs.