Every day hundreds of tech companies tout their “innovations,” but you’d be hard pressed to find any that can come close to matching our nearly 60 years of continuous innovation.

Creator of the first integrated circuit that could be cost-effectively mass produced? Yes, that was Fairchild back in 1959.

A pioneer of PowerTrench® MOSFETs? We are indeed the people behind these hugely popular devices.

The driving force that made IGBTs standard in automotive ignitions?   Us again.

You can learn more about these semiconductor innovations as well as other achievements and milestones from the past six decades at https://www.fairchildsemi.com/about/history-heritage/.

Today’s most prominent leaders in industries such as automotive, lighting, industrial motor control and solar count on our innovations as the backbone of their own groundbreaking products.

For example, Growatt used our IGBTs to increase the power density of its latest generation of inverters by 20 percent. As one of the top solar inverter manufacturers in the world, it was vital that Growatt used the most reliable technology for its inverters, and Fairchild was happy to provide it.

Another great example includes Meizu, a leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer, using one of our programmable USB Type-C controllers with Power Delivery (PD) to add USB Type-C to its latest flagship smartphone.

And we continue to expand our product portfolios to support the automotive industry, introducing new automotive-qualified SuperFET® II MOSFETs and high voltage rectifiers to help car makers and their parts suppliers create more efficient hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

As you can see, Fairchild is truly Silicon Valley’s original innovator. To highlight this, we’ve chosen “A History of Innovation” as the theme for our presence at APEC 2016.

We’ve often debuted our latest innovations at APEC and this year won’t be any different. To learn more, check out our APEC highlights and be sure to visit us in Long Beach (Booth #1717) to see our cutting-edge demos.

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Almost 60 years of continuous innovation takes hard work and a dedication to excellence, which are two things we’ve had since our founding on October 1, 1957. Be sure to read our blog on our founding, which highlights the companies created by Fairchild innovators that ultimately led to the transformation of Santa Clara Valley and San Francisco Bay Area to Silicon Valley.