Car makers are continually improving every aspect of their vehicles to achieve superior fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions. Ignition systems, in particular, are constantly being advanced and designers have benefited from the latest generations of IGBTs for over two decades.

You can learn more about the power of IGBTs and ignition systems with our new evaluation board reference design, which has been developed and tested by our most qualified ignition experts.

Simply follow the manual and use the specified components and external elements and you should have a working system in a mere 10 days. You can accelerate the development of your own ignition system with this trusted reference design and even modify it for different applications.


Application Circuit Setup

Here’s what your 10 days will look like.

Day 1. Download the files

In our ignition application website is everything you need to get started. Dedicate the day to studying the manual, the application note and the datasheets. Review the circuit schematic. Ensure you can open the gerber files with your PCB viewer and double check that everything is correct.

Day 2. Order the materials

Send the gerber files to your PCB manufacturer. The PCB is small and simple so we don´t foresee any difficulties. You should complete this in a few days. Order the electronic components from your distributor. It should take one or two days for you to get them.

Day 3. Study!

Read the evaluation board manual and the datasheets carefully for both the IGBT and driver. Compare the datasheets with the circuit schematic and try to understand the different subcircuits. If you don´t understand a part of it, just quickly check the technical explanation in the AN-8208 application note.

Day 4. Set up the lab

Please note that you will be working with high voltages and currents in this effort, requiring you to work in a safe lab. Carefully prepare, check and calibrate the equipment and review that cables, connectors and scopes are in good working order. Clean the desk area and safety shields. Test circuit breakers and emergency circuits.

Days 5 to 7. Make yourself an ignition expert

Study the application note to learn all the details of the ignition systems and make sure you fully understand the values taken in the application circuit we’ve provided in the evaluation board manual.

Day 8. Build the PCB!

You should have had received the PCB by now. Review that everything in the BOM is correct and proceed mounting the devices on the PCBs. Use a multimeter to verify you have properly soldered all the devices and that no lines were accidentally shorted.

Day 9. Lab day!

Repeat the steps in the manual and make sure you obtain the same results. If you get different results, you can determine what’s wrong by identifying what is different from our example.

Day 10. Fine tuning

Now that your system is running, you can adjust the PCB according to your needs. You´re ready to go!

And there you have it! You can go from having zero experience to being an ignition savvy engineer in just 10 days!

Whether you’re a student yearning to learn about ignition systems or a veteran power electronics engineer wanting a quality evaluation board to work with, this reference design is the ideal solution for you.

What are you waiting for? Download the files and hit the gas!

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