The size, efficiency and reliability advantages of highly integrated power modules have made them quite popular, particularly in major appliances and other “white goods.” Despite this though, they remain rare in the automotive space.

Fortunately, our new FAM65V05DF1 Auto SPM® intelligent power module is poised to change this.

It’s a highly efficient, all-in-one solution for controlling air conditioning (A/C) compressors and other high voltage auxiliary motors in hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs). It uniquely integrates IGBTs, freewheeling diodes and gate drivers in an automotive-qualified and UL-certified package and is rated to 650V and 50A.

Complementing its exceptional level of integration, the FAM65V05DF1 is also the most compact module of its kind, with a footprint of just 12 square centimeters. Its small size is a distinct advantage for automakers striving to use limited engine bay space as efficiently as possible.

However, as compelling as its better efficiency and footprint are, it’s the greatly streamlined design process enabled by its all-in-one design that may be the FAM65V05DF1 module’s chief advantage for automakers and their parts suppliers.

The FAM65V05DF1 eliminates the need for the time-consuming design process required to cobble together multiple discrete components or when using modules that also need separate drivers. With the FAM65V05DF1, designers don’t have to painstakingly qualify each discrete component in a design or go through a lengthy trial-and-error prototyping process to validate that all the design’s components work together as they should.

Simply put, we have done all the hard work of integrating proven and automotive-grade components into our FAM65V05DF1 module so designers don’t have to. Rather, they can focus on innovation instead of the tedious work of perfecting their own solution.

And we think the timing for the FAM65V05DF1 could not be better. Automakers and their parts suppliers are under increasing pressure to accelerate time-to-market and to do so without sacrificing quality, efficiency, reliability or durability. Our FAM65V05DF1 module is just what they need.

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