In creating our new 1200V Silicon Carbide (SiC) diode – our first SiC product – we were determined to ensure that our SiC diodes achieved the best-in-class performance, reliability and ruggedness required by employing careful design and new manufacturing processes.

One of the keys to our success is using an advanced 6” SiC process technology with an automated toolset and extensive monitoring to reduce substrate and epitaxy defects. Careful monitoring for electrical and material defects (e.g., dislocation and BPD) is a critical step, as all SiC wafers have dislocations and the follow-on processes will add to these. The end result of our advanced processes and extensive monitoring is higher intrinsic reliability compared to what has been available to date. Also contributing to the exceptional reliability is the diode’s extremely low and stable leakage current, which is the lowest in the industry.

Ensuring superior reliability was a critical design goal for us because the solar inverters, industrial motor controls, welding machines and other high-end industrial devices that use 1200V diodes must have long lives and are expected to operate reliably for years.

Complementing our 1200V SiC diode’s reliability is its ruggedness, which is another important requirement for the end devices, as they often endure extreme temperatures, vibration, exposure to the elements, and other harsh operating conditions.


Sealed passivation is a key factor in the diode’s ruggedness, as it eliminates the lifting and cracking that often lead to failures. This also makes the diode immune to moisture-related corrosion, which often occurs in high-power modules.

We further enhanced its ruggedness using unique edge termination IP and analytic techniques to give it exceptional avalanche robustness and lowest leakage – the best in its class in fact.

SiCGraph0324v2 (1)

While ensuring reliability and ruggedness were top goals, we didn’t forget to achieve class-leading performance as well. Our diode has superior switching performance with no reverse recovery current, dramatically reducing switching losses compared to silicon diodes and resulting in better energy efficiency.

Two other contributors to the diode’s performance are its ability to switch stably over a wide temperature range and the elimination of voltage overshoots thanks to its zero recovery voltage. Clearly our SiC diode leads the pack when it comes to 1200V diodes, but that’s not all. When coupled with our latest 1200V IGBTs, the combined solution delivers best-in-class switching performance and power density with greater reliability and ruggedness.

As you can see, we’ve worked hard to overcome the inherent challenges of working with SiC in order to realize its tremendous benefits. And you can expect to see more SiC products from us in the very near future.

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