Getting to Know Advanced Power Load Switches


by John Jing, Member of Technical Staff, Applications Engineering

Why use load switches
Power management plays a more important role than ever in consumer and mobile electronics. At the system level, advanced load switches help to achieve simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions through con[……]

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Analyzing the power dissipation of Fairchild’s Field Stop 3 Trench IGBT WDF Series in Inverter Welding Machines


By Wonhwa Lee, senior technical marketer and Sungnam Kim, senior application engineer

Welding technology for metal connecting and cutting has been more widely used with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry. About 60-70% of the steel in the world needs to be welded and electric arc[……]

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Paving New Paths with Current Mode Control


By Hangseok Choi, Application Engineer, Offline Power Supply Group

Unlike the conventional pulse-width modulation (PWM) technique in which power is processed by controlling the duty cycle and interrupting the power flow in the converter circuit, resonant switching processes power in a sinusoidal[……]

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