Low-power LED Lighting: Leveraging a Technique from Battery Chargers to Reduce Driver Cost and Size
Jul 9, 2012

With LED lighting applications operating under 35W, such as interior light bulbs, there exist a tough set of challenges for the LED driver designer. T…

Standby Power Under 10mW Now Possible for Portable Device Chargers
Apr 19, 2011

With the demand for AC-DC external power supplies projected to increase from just over 3 billion units in 2010 to 4.97 billion units in 2014, and beca…

LLC Resonant Transformer Design Tips
May 26, 2010

Featuring zero voltage switching and low voltage stress, LLC resonant transformers are suitable for high power and high efficiency power supplies. As…

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions
Apr 23, 2010

Dear Dr. Efficiency,
I’ve read in the news that governments worldwide are now promoting the use of power-efficient lighting through campaigns and ini…

Getting More Efficiency With Synchronous Rectification MOSFETs
Jan 26, 2010

Dear Dr. Efficiency, I used a synchronous rectifier MOSFET with large current and low RDSON in a forward converter structure for synchronous rectifica…

Peak Current Mode PWM and Slope Compensation
Jan 8, 2010

Dr. Efficiency,

Why does my power supply’s output suffer duty cycle fluctuation? I’m experiencing one big duty cycle followed by a small duty cycle…