Power Supply

PCIM 2016 Recap – Things Were Really Cooking for Fairchild!
May 26, 2016

We just concluded another successful week at PCIM – Europe’s premier power electronics event – where we continued living up to our “History of Innovat…

APEC 2016 – Looking Ahead to an Innovative Future
Apr 8, 2016

APEC 2016 was one of our most robust shows to date. Our show theme, “A History of Innovation,” provided the perfect opportunity to unveil several new…

Celebrate our “History of Innovation” with us at APEC 2016
Mar 10, 2016

Celebrate our “History of Innovation” with us at APEC 2016

APEC 2016 is fast approaching and this year we’re celebrating our “History of Innovation…

How to Enable Reliable, Wide Input Integrated Flyback Power Switch Designs
Dec 14, 2015

For smart meters, appliances, and industrial power supply applications, a regulated low-power DC source is typically required to power the analog and/…

Getting to Know Advanced Power Load Switches
Nov 6, 2015

Why use load switches
Power management plays a more important role than ever in consumer and mobile electronics. At the system level, advanced load s…

Paving New Paths with Current Mode Control
Oct 5, 2015

Unlike the conventional pulse-width modulation (PWM) technique in which power is processed by controlling the duty cycle and interrupting the power fl…