Power Factor Correction Principles in Flyback LED Drivers
Apr 8, 2014

As a solid state light source, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been widely used due to their superior longevity, excellent efficacy and friendly env…

Do This in Your Next Gate Drive Design When Using Super-Junction MOSFETs – Part 3
Apr 3, 2014 and

Minimizing the parasitic inductance and capacitance for the device and printed circuit board (PCB) board are important considerations for reducing unw…

Primary Side Regulated Flyback LED Driver with Power Factor Correction
Apr 1, 2014

The consumer electronics market, and the LED driver market in particular, have been developing rapidly in recent years. These markets are demanding po…

On-Demand Webinar in Taiwan: Tips and Techniques for Point of Load Designs
Mar 31, 2014

Webinar Topic: Tips and Techniques for Point of Load Designs

Date: Until ~ June 31, 2014
Language: Mandarin
Registration: http://webcast.edntaiwa…

Why Is There Gate Oscillation When Using Super-Junction MOSFETs? – Part 2
Mar 27, 2014 and

Since a MOSFET is a unipolar device, parasitic capacitances are the only limiting factors in switching transient. The charge balance principle lowers…

Did You Make Layout Adjustments to Use Super-Junction MOSFETs? – Part 1
Mar 24, 2014 and

Based on recent system trends, improving efficiency is a critical goal and going with slow switching device just for better EMI is not sometimes worth…