Defeating Flicker in DACD-based LED Lights … Without Ruining PF and THD!
May 19, 2016

The traditional engine used in most LED lighting products combines LEDs with Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology and though well proven, SMPS…

New Switching Techniques for Phase-Cut Dimming Systems
Mar 23, 2016

In phase-cut dimming systems, a key technical issue has been mostly TRIAC holding current maintenance with low power LED lamps. In order to continue T…

Design LED Lighting Power Systems in Minutes
Feb 19, 2016

The market for LED-based lighting continues to grow as government-mandated bans on incandescent bulbs have started in earnest, however challenges rema…

800V SuperFET II MOSFETs for Higher LED Lighting System Efficiencies
Dec 18, 2015

With lighting devices consuming around 19% of the world’s total electrical power, many countries are phasing out the sale of inefficient incandescent…

Solutions for Today’s Low Power LED Lighting Trends-Part V
Mar 12, 2015 , and

PAR16, 20, 30, 38 Lamp LED Driver Design
This is the fifth and final installment of our series on LED lighting trends. Here we’ll talk about PAR16,20…

Solutions for Today’s Low Power LED Lighting Trends-Part III
Feb 25, 2015 , and

MR11/16 LED Lamp LED Driver Design

In Part II of our series on Solutions for Today’s Low Power LED Lighting Trends we listed the many regulatory an…