Did You Make Layout Adjustments to Use Super-Junction MOSFETs? – Part 1
Mar 24, 2014 and

Based on recent system trends, improving efficiency is a critical goal and going with slow switching device just for better EMI is not sometimes worth…

Wirebond vs. Clipbond Packaging
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With the demands of energy savings for power semiconductors and power modules, packaging plays a major role in the overall performance of the product….

Designing with Active Clamp Forward Topology
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The topology of the DC-DC converter is generally designed in several modes; for example, the full-bridge converter, half-bridge converter, push-pull c…

Gate Charge And On Resistance — I’ll take Less Of Both, Please
Dec 21, 2010

Dear Dr. FAE. It would be really great if you would provide MOSFETs with lower on resistance. Resistance causes heat and this heat represents wasted e…

Using High-Voltage Backlight Inverters For Better LCD TV Performance
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The adaptation of digital broadcasting throughout the world is offering consumers the screen resolution that they have not experienced before with CRT…

Why did my FET fail?
Aug 25, 2009

We’re introducing a new blogger to the site: Dr. Fred A. Engleberry. Dr. F.A.E. holds a PhD from MIT (Muckton Institute of Talknology) and has several…