LED Lighting Solution Utilizing High Power Factor Flyback Converter
Dec 22, 2014

By Wonseok Kang, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer at Fairchild

A flyback converter is one of the best topologies for a switching power supply…

Quasi-Resonant Switching In A 30W Power Supply
Oct 25, 2012

For switched-mode power supplies operating at low power levels, a flyback topology typically offers the best efficiency, but there is a risk of potent…

Low-power LED Lighting: Leveraging a Technique from Battery Chargers to Reduce Driver Cost and Size
Jul 9, 2012

With LED lighting applications operating under 35W, such as interior light bulbs, there exist a tough set of challenges for the LED driver designer. T…

Fairchild Launches the FAN302HL – A Highly Integrated PSR/SSR Mixed PWM Controller at APEC 2011
Mar 7, 2011

When you consider that cell phone chargers typically sit plugged in and unused most of the time, yet still drawing power from the grid, the problem fa…

Power Supplies Get Greener
Jan 18, 2010

Each quarter, Fairchild Semiconductor introduces new products, tips and tools for power and analog applications in the quarterly Benchmarks magazine….